Pamela Young Trust

Who qualifies for a tenancy?

Although the Trust started by providing retirement accommodation, we now welcome applications from anyone, young or old, single or with a family, who qualifies under the terms of the Trust. We are particularly keen for families with young children to apply in order to help maintain the schools and other facilities within the area.

Conditions of tenancy

In order to qualify for a Pamela Young Trust tenancy there are certain conditions that must be met.

These include a connection or association with the Glenkens – for example you may have been born here, or have lived here in the past, you may work here, or you may have a family member who currently lives here.

Also, your financial circumstances should demonstrate that the provision of low-cost housing would be of benefit.

If you are uncertain if you qualify and would like to be considered, please contact Peter Matthews at AB & A Matthews on 01671 404100 or e-mail him at  He will be happy to advise you.